Why Do Men Lie So Much?

Why Do Men Lie To Women They Love
If you’re like most women… you’ve probably been lied to by a man.

In fact, it’s almost a certainty… because men do lie to women… a lot!

They lie about little things, big things and things that don’t even really matter.

And a lot of women want to know WHY? It’s terribly frustrating…

Why do men lie? Why can’t they just tell the truth?

According to relationship expert Michael Fiore… ALL men lie… even the “good guys” lie to the women they love… but it’s not for the reasons that most women think.

Michael says… there are actually three reasons men lie to women and two of them are pretty innocent…

One of the main reasons men lie to women… is because they are scared of women.

Not physically… men are scared of women’s emotions…

Emotions are actually a lot harder for men to deal with, than they are for women.

From a young age… guys learn that if you tell a woman the truth, she just might freak out and flood you with scary emotions…

So pretty early on, they learn to watch what they say… rather than have to deal with your emotions.

Of course there are other reasons men lie too…

If you want to learn more about the REAL reasons men lie to the women they love, why men CHEAT on women, why men don’t communicate and many of the other questions that drive women crazy…

You really should go and watch the new video that Michael Fiore just released… (see below)

Michael asked over 20,000 men… “What do you desperately wish that women knew… but you could NEVER actually tell them yourself?”

The men really opened up… about what they want from women, how they feel about women and what really makes them angry. They talked about why they cheat, why they lie and why they find monogamy so hard. They even talked about what goes on in their head when they cheat…

The results are JUICY…

In fact, be warned…Michael pulls no punches… many women will find the results shocking and devastating. It’s not for the faint of heart…

So… if you want to hear the truth about the real reasons men lie to women…

Even though you may not like it all… you need to watch Michael’s video now :


why do men lie video by Michael Fiore
By the way… just so you know… Michael’s been on Rachael Ray, numerous radio shows and in many magazines, including Time Magazine. He’s a guy that people are taking seriously.


Photo By : © Konradbak | Dreamstime.com




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