5 Things Men Want Women To Know

What Men Want
Part of knowing what men want
is knowing what men don’t want

Here are five things many men wished the women in their lives knew…

1. They Hate Shopping

Most guys hate shopping… all types of shopping and especially being dragged along while you shop for new clothes. Do you think they actually like sitting there feeling all awkward and out of place while you try things on? NO… to most men shopping is a chore… not a fun activity.

2. They Hate Nagging

Guys hate being nagged… it doesn’t achieve anything anyway… they just tune out.

3. They Hate Petty Mindedness

Men hate it when you fuss over little things… seriously… it makes them question your intelligence. Don’t waste your energy on the little things… save it for the big stuff. They will take you much more seriously that way.

4. They Hate You Digging Up Old Issues Over And Over Again

Men hate it when you bring up old issues over and over… and continually throw their mistakes back in their face time and time again. Most guys say… they don’t mind owning up to their mistakes or admitting they were wrong… Once! They just don’t want to have to apologize for the one mistake, many times over.

5. The Time To Start An In Depth Conversation Isn’t…

a. In the middle of a game

b. Just before they are about to nod off to sleep at night

c. Over the phone while they are at work


Photo By : Goodlife