How Do I Know If He Loves Me?

Woman thinking to herself does he really love meAnother common question many women have is How do I know if he really loves me?

Many people mistakenly think that love is just a feeling, an emotion. Real love is a lot more than that… it is about actions. Sure… feeling in love with someone does evoke powerful feelings, but loving someone is more than just those feelings.

Truly loving someone affects every area of your life… your thoughts, your feelings and your actions.

Your man can say he loves you and buy you flowers and gifts… these are ways of expressing his feelings for you and it sure is nice to hear the words and receive the gifts. It also shows that he’s thinking about you and wants to please you.

But is this real love?… It’s really just the beginning, it’s the infatuation and the strong feelings and emotions that come with the early stages of a relationship.

There is more to real love… you can see the clues in the every day actions of your man, as to whether he really loves you or not.

Here are a few things to look out for :

1.Does he use the words we and us… or me and I?

For instance, if someone asks him “What did you get up to on the weekend?”

And he replies “I went to that new movie………. ” even though you both went together.

I was with a guy for years… who spoke like this to other people, in front of me.

It made me feel insignificant… it hurt. It finally dawned on me that he didn’t really identify with us as a unit.

When you really care about someone… you include them, you think of yourselves as a team.

2. Does he ask you things about yourself?

Does he ask you meaningful things about yourself? How you really think and feel… about your past and what you want from your future. What your goals and dreams are?

This shows he really wants to connect… he cares enough to want to know the real you.

3. Does he tell you about himself?

The same thing applies here too… does he tell you about his life, his past, his dreams etc. If he does… he wants you to know the real him too.

4. Does he want to meet your family and friends?

This is part of really getting to know you as well. Is he keen to meet your friends and family or does he grudgingly go with you? If he really cares about you, he would want to get to know the people in your life. And he would also want the people in his life to get to know you.

5. How does he react when you are upset?

How does he react to you when you are upset? Is he caring and comforting? Or does he back off or shut down. Someone who truly cares about you, can handle you being upset and wants to help.

These are some of the main things to look out for… if you are trying to figure out, if your man really does love you.

Just remember… that loving you is more than words, or the occasional nice gift… it’s about him treating you, every day, like you really do matter to him.

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