What Do Men Want In A Relationship?

Woman Wondering What Men Want In A Relationship
What do men want most in a relationship?

To know where they stand and what you expect from them.

Men hate silly games… they hate having to try and read your mind.

They are much happier if you speak your mind and say what you want. Let them know exactly what you expect from the relationship.

And guess what… you will be much happier too.

So many women are reluctant to speak up in their relationships. They swallow their own needs and go along with what their man wants… rather than say something that might rock the boat.

Your man would much prefer, that you do rock the boat a bit. He’d much rather you say what you want… even if it’s different than what he wants.

Continually denying your own needs builds resentment over time. Your man will pick up on this resentment and feel confused… and wonder what he is doing wrong. By saying one thing, in order to keep the peace, then silently festering because it’s not what you really want… you are sending such mixed signals. So in your quest to keep the peace… you are actually destroying the peace.

So many women actually sabotage their relationships by repeating this behavior over and over again… with issues big and small.

Start making changes with the small issues…

Here’s a common example… you are going out to dinner and your man asks you where you want to eat and you say “I don’t mind, you choose” and then you sit and sulk over your meal because it’s not what you really wanted. He chose a Steakhouse and you really wanted Italian.

Next time he asks… how about you say “I quite like the idea of Italian, how about you?”

Once you get good at speaking up on all the small, daily issues… your confidence will improve and you will be better able to handle the big issues when they arise.


Photo By : © Mast3r | Dreamstime.com