What Do Men Really Want In A Woman?

woman worried about what men want
Surveys have shown, what men want in a woman and what women think they want… aren’t necessarily the same thing.

Here are a few things that many men say they want in a woman that you may find surprising :

1. When asked what physical attributes they like most in women… most men said nice eyes and smile

2. Most men prefer average sized natural breasts over large unnatural implants

3. Most men prefer women with curvy healthy looking bodies… not the stick thin model images we so frequently see.

4. Men don’t like too much make up… most prefer a natural or light makeup look

5. Men prefer women in clothes that aren’t too revealing. Most men prefer to have a little bit left to their imagination. They prefer a hint of sexiness… rather than clothes that are too tight and skimpy.

6. Most men think fidelity and commitment are important too. Not all men are cheats… most disapprove of cheating just as much as women do.

Men also say, they think confident women are sexy and they love women who aren’t overly obsessed with their looks. They love women who are comfortable with their own bodies… they find this very sexy.

Men hate being asked questions like “Does my butt look big in this?”… they love a woman who is comfortable with her butt… no matter how big and curvy!

So if you really want to be attractive to men… work first on your self esteem.

And the next time you feel tempted to say “Does my butt look big in this?”… DON’T!


Photo By : Fotosmurf03